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Fleeces and Roving

We provide raw, well-skirted fleece from coated sheep using a management style emphasizing techniques to maintain clean fleece.   Please contact us for availability and pricing. 


We began coating of our CVM Romeldales as of 2011.  Generally our lambs are coated within days of birth and our other sheep have their coats placed either immediately after shearing or within a few weeks of shearing.


Our shearing dates each year occur between March and June.  We try to  match fiber artist's desires with appropriate color fleece.  With our large flock of CVM/Romeldale sheep, we have a full range of colors available and many distinctive fleeces.  Please email or call to discuss what you would like in a CVM Romeldale fleece and we will try to fulfill your desires.





Luxury Rovings

For a most incredible spinning experience, consider our 85% CVM/Romeldale wool and 15% mulberry silk blend.  We currently have this blend in creamy white and medium light gray with a rose moorit overtone.  These are available in quantities from one ounce to several pounds.  Please contact us for pricing and samples. 


You can purchase Icelandic or CVM rovings and Icelandic batts that are ready to spin into gorgeous yarns. Please contact us for availability and pricing.  Pictures provided if requested. 

CVM Romeldale Combed Top

We have several shades of combed top available for sale:  Creamy white, Dark chocolate brown, and shades of gray.  All are lovely to spin and available in quantities from 1 ounce to multiple pounds, depending upon your needs.  Please contact us for pricing and samples.

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