We encourage people to visit our farm, but until then, please enjoy some pictures  from our home. 

Momma's milk, yum! yum!
What are you staring at?
Stay here, I'll be right back.
Black-eyed ewe?
Testing the new front door.
The lessons begin.
One under, one over.
The breakfast table.
One under, one over, one behind!
Hunger Games?
Nothing spinnable here.
Waves of wool.
This year's spring fashion.
Neutral colors go with everything.
Off the shoulder for evening wear.
Getting a little snug at the waist.
Lawn service.
Eating is a form of carving.
Buzz cut.
Tell her to stop bothering me.
Big beautiful pastures.
A dash of olive oil would be nice.
The perfect winter coat.
Please come see us!
Shhhh.... I'm hiding.
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