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100 years ago...

Marushka Farms is proud to maintain a 100-year-old farming tradition on land that had long been owned by the Emmitt family until just a few short years ago. Acres and acres of beautiful pastures that once sustained a traditional working farm are now home to an endangered sheep breed (according to the Livestock Conservancy) in the United States: Romeldale CVMs. 


Captivated not only by their dense, crimpy fleece, a sweet disposition, but also by their endangered classification; Marie Minnich purchased the largest flock of Romeldale CVMs in 2009 from Chris Spitzer, owner of Yellow Creek Cottage in Ohio. Owing to Chris's diligent breeding practices, and Marie's dedication to preserving the breed through conservation breeding techniques, Marushka Farms now possesses some of the finest Romeldale CVM genetics in the country.


In addition to the Romeldale CVM flock, Marushka Farms also introduced Icelandic sheep and began a cross-breeding program with the goal of combining the best characteristics of both fleeces. The  Icelandic-Romeldale CVM crosses exhibit exceptional color patterns combined with a unique dual coat with a combination of crimp, fineness and length. Truly, a unique spinning fiber!


Marushka Farms' combination of the Romeldale CVM and Icelandic sheep not only provides fiber artists with a great diversity of naturally colored fleeces, but beautiful next-to-the-skin soft handknitting yarns that we offer in a range of natural colors and weights.

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