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Yarns and Roving


Romeldale CVM is a fine fiber and can be used for handknitting yarns, handspinning, and needle felted items. Explore our collection of fiber products from the farm.

Breeding Stock


Our flock represents a focus on conservation breeding; therefore many ram and ewe lines are represented within it. Our goal is to see the right animals appropriately placed.

CVM Romeldale History


Romeldale CVMs are classified by the Livestock Conservancy as one of the most endangered sheep breed native to the United States, recently achieving an upgrade to threatened status.

Our Romeldale CVM fiber was exclusively sourced as "Clara Yarn!"  
Marie Minnich


Marie Minnich divides her time between her pastures and her patients, where everyone receives the highest quality of care. 


She first became interested in Romeldale CVMs because of the extraordinary wool qualities and the breed's unique history within the United States.


Please contact Marie if you are interested in learning more about the breed and her farm. 

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